Thank you for your patience waiting for information on this year’s GI – we wanted to make sure we had all possible details before announcing details.

Regrettably, we have decided to delay, and are now going to run the core of Griffish Isles in November 2020. In order to clear the expected disruption over the next few months, we look forward to welcoming you all on the 21st and 22nd November 2020 in Manchester, at the same venue as previously planned.

Why have you waited until now to release this information?

We are close to our start date, with many financial commitments and no legal coverage from the UK government for May. Sorting out an affordable alternative to running as normal has been tricky. Thank you for your patience while we worked things through with our suppliers and venues.

Why not a short delay? To the summer?

A short delay would be cheaper for us, but carries risks. We have decided to take the harder decision of a long delay, but not cancel for 2020. We think a longer delay gives time for travel and other matters to stabilise.

Why not cancel till 2021?

Many conventions have done this. We could have taken this approach but we feel ponies need a convention and cancelling will cost some ponies with travel booked more, as airlines are offering a lot of free delay bookings to later in 2020 at present, but not to 2021.

November? What about Bronyscot?

Be assured we have discussed with Bronyscot, they have been one our key stakeholders in this decision. Please see their media postings about 2021.

What about my ticket?

You will be issued a voucher for the November event.

What about the Guest of Honour?

Ian Hanlin has agreed to the change in date.

Why no automatic refund?

You can request a refund but please think VERY hard about this. Refunds will not give you back the booking fee as Eventbrite hold that regardless, we are facing increased costs, and a refund costs us as well, a cost others have to subsidise. A new booking in Nov would also cost you more as booking agents are increasing booking fees when you are charged the second booking fee. If you really need the cash now, see the extra support section.

So what happens?

Officially, the existing Griffish Isles event will still run in May without any attendees and a new event will be created for November. Any travel disruption claims for May should therefore still be valid. Although all attendees will need to check their individual terms and conditions with their insurers.

Eventbrite tickets users will then receive a voucher in May to register for the new Griffish isles that will cover the entire ticket (inc. booking fee) If you can't make it, please consider taking a voucher and gifting it to some pony who needs it. We can have transfers for the next few months– which is a good way to retain your ticket’s value and not lose the booking fee element.

But I got a non-refundable hotel room, and travel booked?

OK don't panic. We have talked to the hotel and they have verbally agreed that if you call and explain you were due to attend Griffish Isles, they will consider moving your prepaid booking to the new date. Most of the major chains are accepting changes as well.

Travel insurance should be valid due to disruption, and you may instead be able to claim on that. For those who can't, see our extra support section.

Extra support

We require some additional funds, and would also like to compensate those who can't claim back expenditure on attending and are not able to afford it. So we will hold a fundraiser. The Committee will use these funds to support those who require support and help cover the additional costs on the delay.

If you can afford to contribute when we release it, we would appreciate it.

Apologies for the delay

Griffish Isles Committee.