Following the release of the day schedule, many have been asking. “what is the Not The Toilet Roll Game?” One of the many optional activities to choose from at Griffish Isles.

The answer is its a fun game you play by bringing along a gift of new unwrapped pony merchandise worth at least £5, easily sourced from our on site vendors, and play to receive a replacement gift. But you might end up with the toilet roll, if you are unlucky.

How does it work? You bring your item to play and put it in the centre, and you are given a team -Unicorn, Pegasus, or Earth Pony. Each Unicorn selects a gift, then the Pegasi, before finally the Earth Ponies. One Earth pony then has their gift replaced with the Toilet roll and one Unicorn gets 2 gifts instead of one bundled into a mega present. As usual Earth ponies get the short end of the deal, at least to start with... the fun starts, your hosts will go around drawing for each player a team name, if that team name matches the team you are currently in you have to sit and wait a round. But if you get another team name, you must go and swap your present with one on that team. You can't swap a present with someone on your team, but only with other teams.

At some point the playing time will be up... and the game will end.. but only after the last earth pony has drawn – this allows the Earth Ponies to swap away presents at the end.

In the end, one pony gets 2 gifts from the game, most get one gift, and one gets the toilet roll.

So want to come and have fun? Join the game!