Currently planned to be released end of February to start of March 2018.

All (thats 100%) of funds will be held in trust by the processor until after the convention to protect attendee funds.  Once the convention is concluded, the donating party who paid for the event will be reimbursed and any surplus given to the charity.

Pony Tickets: Valid Day and Night

The full tickets will come in two versions, one with T Shirt and one without and are the adult ticket type.

Not 18? but able to travel on your own? Sure welcome to Griffish Isles but be aware due to licensing issues you will have to leave by 8pm.

Foal Tickets: to 4pm

Only available to fully paid Pony Ticket holders, for foals under their supervision.

Craft Vendor Ticket

With full pony privileges, and a table

Griffin Ticket

For those who are kind and help. With full pony privileges, and a present