Griffish Isles 2022

7th and 8th May 2022, Manchester, UK

Anti Covid

Bobbie the Griffon wants everyone to be safe at Griffish Isles and enjoy the event without feeling uncomfortable as attitudes to the current situation are different, depending upon the person and their medical situation. The following outlines how you can enjoy the event with the degree of safety you feel comfortable with.

Evidence of Vaccination, recovery from Covid, or test results

You must be able to legally attend Griffish Isles according to the laws of England. This means you need to provide evidence of being inside a test time window, recovery from illness or be double vaccinated without symptoms. The easiest way is via the NHS England app, or other countries' app. Letters also exist providing evidence we can accept. The NHS blue card itself isn't currently sufficient in English law, but we will update this page if the government changes these rules.

We will have some non-NHS test kits available to provide alternative proof if you do not have the above evidence, but it will assist us if you come with the correct evidence.

What if I'm ill?

Please do not attend if you are awaiting a test result due to Covid symptoms, or have tested positive. We “might” make an exception if you turn up in a real biological warfare suit (and no we don't mean a fursuit that hasn't been cleaned in years...). Essentially please think of others when attending and don't expose people.

If you are symptomatic, or have tested positive please remain away. Let your insurers know immediately as some will cover the cost of your ticket, hotel and travel. Also drop us an email to let us know so we can be in contact after the event. We cannot help with travel or hotel costs in cases where insurance won't cover them, but only with what options are available for your ticket in such cases.

Is the wearing of masks enforced?

Under English law, there is currently no mandate to wear masks, but many attendees will feel more comfortable wearing them. Please respect the views of others over their wearing masks. We will be providing masks for people who don't have them, and encourage their use as much as possible.

Wearing a mask as much as possible will be safer for all involved.

You must agree to support people social distancing at Griffish Isles

Some people will want to wear masks, and keep a distance from others. We have plenty of space compared to previous years and you can social distance. Attendees may select a colour coded badge from reception to wear.

Red Button Badge

Please keep your distance from people wearing the X pin badge, and respect their wishes regarding their safety. If someone is wearing a mask and you cannot see their badge, please treat them as wearing this and keep distance from them. Leaving a spare chair between you and them in the lecture theatre would be a respectful approach.

Amber Button Badge

The Amber badge is for those who are cautious, but not social distancing. They may, or may not be wearing masks. You can sit next to them and talk to them but please avoid all direct physical contact. It may be respectful to put on a mask when talking to this person. If an individual is not wearing a mask and you can't see their badge, please treat them as being in this category.

Green Button Badge

The green badge is for those who have no concerns, If you see this badge and you are also wearing a green badge, the individual is open to the full pre-Covid social experience

In The Vendor Hall

Please don't handle items you don't intend to buy on vendors' stalls and ask permission before touching anything. Also please respect the vendors' social distancing, along with any other people shopping at the stall. In most cases it is respectful to not approach a stall if someone else is at it, unless they are part of your close social group, and keep some distance away from the vendor.

What if the government changes the rules?

It depends on what the rule change is, but this year we have more space, we can manage with social distancing and run a convention

keep an eye on this page for the official position