Questions asked frequently!

I need a carer/assistant with me
On the ticket site, you should see an option to have a free carer ticket. If you have additional needs, send us a message at and we'll try our best to help.

Can I sell at the next convention?
Keep an eye on our social media for vendor applications nearer the time! Only approved vendors on stalls can sell merchandise at Griffish Isles.

What can I expect to see at Griffish Isles?
Friendly horse fans, vendors selling both original and official horse merch, horse-related games, horse-themed karaoke, clever people talking about horse, more clever people teaching you how to make horse things...everything short of an actual horse. If you want that, try Zap Apple Camp or your nearest stable.

Will there be music?
Of course! Saturday night is packed with live music from your favourite horse music people. We usually have 3-4 different acts from all genres of music on site.

Are under-18s allowed?
Yes, though they should be supervised and will not be able to go to the live music event due to the amount of drunkle jumping people.

Will there be a special guest?
Either in-person or by Unicorn magic via the wonders of technology, you should have the opportunity to chat with your favourite horse people!

Can I cosplay?
Of course you can, in fact the cosplay contest is one of our highlights! Just be sure not to have real weapons, be careful of the furniture and no full-face coverings please.

I bought a ticket, but now I can't go. Can I get a refund?
Of course, you can do so by requesting a refund through Eventbrite. You'll lose your booking fee, unfortunately.
Ticket refunds made within a month of the event will be rejected.