We have taken the difficult decision to postpone this years' Griffish Isles. Our date in 2021 will be Nov 20th/21st 2021.

We did work hard with the venue for a COVID safe event modelled on others that are planned for October, and had acquired several times more space than in previous years. Our new venue could have accommodated us within government social distancing rules. However we have made the decision we would have to compromise too much on what Griffish Isles is, to run the event inside the recent rule change on social interaction. This would have impacted on your enjoyment significantly on events, vendors and guests.

We are certain that by next year - vaccine or no vaccine, we will have measures planned and set in place which work and allow us to run the kind of Griffish Isles we know you all want.

Why not move online?

There are online conventions, we are interested in providing an in person event.

Why Nov 2021?

Our prior agreed date for 2021 was Griffish Isles' traditional date (the weekend after the first bank holiday in May). UK Ponycon could only move to that date due to venue restrictions and we felt it was better to shift Griffish Isles back to cover the autumn of 2021 to evenly split events throughout the year. .

Does my attendance roll over to 2021?

Yes if you have paid for a ticket it will be valid for 2021, unless you request a refund.

While we would appreciate if you did let us roll over your attendance. we fully understand that some ticket holders will need to request refunds. We will refund your ticket price, although in the past we offered refunds exclusively via Eventbrite, they are currently issuing vouchers valid for 'many' events on their platform rather than cash refunds. We have no assurances around the Eventbrite voucher, but are happy to issue refunds via this form if you wish. We are also happy to consider other refund methods if that is more appropriate for you, and feasible for us. Obviously refunds do cost us a processing fee so if you can roll over your ticket to 2021 it would be greatly appreciated and be better value for you.

Is there a cut off date for refunds, and when can I ask for one?

As per existing terms, which for most tickets would be 12 months from now. We will post how to request refunds in a few weeks time.

What about special guests?

They have generously supported us in the rescheduling and will be joining us in 2021.


The venue have very kindly allowed us to move to 20th/21st November 2021. We want to thank the venue for their co-operation and look forward to working with them in 2021.

We know you will be disappointed, the entire committee has put a lot of work in so far. But we are in position to carry on running, something many conventions are not able to do, both in pony and other fandoms. Please support any convention that is facing delays or running at this time,

For those without tickets at this time, keep your eyes peeled for when tickets go on sale for 2021

Griffish Isles Committee 2021