Hypnohooves is a an old pony, but has organised events before some of which have run for decades as well as local meets in this fandom. He hopes this will be a unique event for the fans of candy coloured equines that is repeated every year

Aldersgate accidentally discovered pony fandom in 2013, and has rarely looked back. He's based in Manechester and sympathises with Twilight's more neurotic tendencies around both timeliness and reading.

ponePete is a creative brony, into techie stuff and making things.

Old Tech (Nick) is a Pony fond of old electronic systems and likes to code, play music, wire things up and make giant Mistmane plushies! (Just the one for now) Often seen hanging arround the Karaoke machine

Librase is a small corgi/pony/human (depending on the phase of the moon) that likes sleeping, eating, and occasionally going outside to make face noises with similar lifeforms. Has been quietly wallflowering in the MLP fandom since 2013, and will hug anyone and everyone given half the chance. Easily bribed with sugar and adorable things.