Venue & Travel

Griffish Isles is being held in central Manechester, approximately half a mile from Piccadilly Station. We have two venues close together one for the Pony, and one for the Brony.

Why two venues? One is alcohol free and allows us to present a family friendly atmosphere, the other allows us to chill out longer into the evening.

St Thomas Centre (Morning and Afternoon)

This is the Mane venue for the talks, activities, games, and also craft vendors. The venue is fully accessible

Powerleague Football (Afternoon to midnight)

We have the function room upstairs, till late, for drinks, social activities and of course music

A bar is provided, and they are alerted to ensure Cider is stocked.

Car Parking:

Car parking on the streets around is free, but VERY limited unless you get there early as the roads are the nearest free parking to Manchester City Centre. The Powerleague venue has a carpark


If you can't find Manechester on the map... try looking under “Man”chester – not sure who are these “man” things but..... If that fails, ask a passing mailmare for directions....or at least one that isn't too crosseyed. Once in Manechester just ask for directions to “The Apollo” from any local, to get you near the venue.


Advice on hotels will be posted soon, but look outside the centre for cheaper options. We are on the night bus routes south of the city, to the student areas of Rusholme and as far away as Stockport are easy and quick to get to.


Their is an Uppercrust sandwidch shop next to the St Thomas Centre, and some of you will have spotted the takeaway on the map. Powerleague also serve food. It is ok to bring outside food into the St Thomas Centre, but not the Powerleague bar