15-01-23 - It's time for events!

Hello again, Bobbie buddies!

We know some of you have been waiting for this: event applications are now open! Are you going to play a game? Teach us something arty? Talk for an entire hour about road signs? We're looking forward to seeing them!


01-01-23 - Conbook Art Contest!

Hello again, catbirb fans!

This is one for the artists - several of you have asked to provide artwork for the conbook and now we're opening up submissions.


This is also a contest, in which the art we deem the best will win a fabulous prize* and a prominent place in the book! But even if you don't win, your art will still be included with full credit. Deadline is April 10th!

Submit here: https://forms.gle/Cfz82BcUD2pSMY148

*Fabulosity of prize is subjective

1. No NSFW please (ie. no Bobbie boobies)
2. All pictures should be 80s-themed.
3. Bobbie doesn't need to be included, but canon characters only please (no OCs)!
4. By submitting artwork, you acknowledge that any work is voluntary and not a paid commission
5. We have the right to reject artwork if necessary